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You have come out on a positive note about agents and not just any old agent but one who is apparently negotiating a transfer of his client to Manchester United. I first heard that idea mooted in the 1970s when Gordon McQueen double crossed Leeds by asking for a transfer days after signing a contract extension. Finally, I’m not sure McQueen signed a new contract with Leeds – I believe he told Shoot magazine he wanted to stay at Leeds his whole career, then departed for Manchester United a few weeks later. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the sort of fixture Tottenham supporters have been envying Arsenal for and dreaming about for years. We’ve been saying this for years though, Ron, and it hasn’t. If profits were soaring they would wear the cost. For a start you make it sound as if your personal financial circumstances are an irrelevance, juventus pink jersey which is not true in any cost cutting. United fan here. Am I the only one that thinks we are getting ripped off? Basically, most people getting boor with the same team uniform then they like to have something new in the game. Yes, the agent appears to have got United a player they looked to have no chance of signing, Sanchez looks to have got wages he had no chance of getting and Arsenal look to be getting a transfer fee they would never have expected this month.

What with agents’ fees, Sky tightening the purse strings and astronomical transfer fees for average players it will all end in tears. In fact, I put him in the best three players I had seen in that league. In fact, based on his amazing resistance and fast recovery Arsenal fans called him Wolverine. Makes you sound like that bloke off The Fast Show. I like the competitive aspect of football. That’s my industry – not football. A bloke called Andy in the high street does my beard, but that’s a strict sheep shearing job every few months or so. In that system, Fernando Felicevich will have done an excellent job for Manchester United, if he delivers them a player of Sanchez’s undoubted quality, and will be worth his cut. Of course, Manchester United would happily pay a high fee to the agent, but they are not his clients. If he works for Sanchez, then why are Manchester United paying him? I don’t disagree with you, apart from the bit where Manchester United make money on the deal. The player is 29, gets injured quite a bit and is free in the summer.

They tout their player around. It is not about sitting a player down at a desk and putting a pen in his hand and a shirt on his back for the photographs. He said this was a one-off opportunity to buy a £90m player for £30m or so. Also, the second leg in a knockout round can’t produce a dead rubber because even if a team is 4-0 up from the first leg it can still, potentially, lose. The magazine first reported on some of their contents in April of 2017, which Ronaldo’s representatives called “journalistic fiction.” His lawyers have never confirmed that any of the documents are authentic, but they also have not taken any legal action against the magazine in the months since it first reported the allegations. Equally, if Sanchez wants out of Arsenal now, and City are not willing to offer that, is Manchester United such a poor alternative? I’ve heard Jamie Carragher’s take that Pep Guardiola had a handshake agreement with Sanchez. I would say, however, that I’ve never been greatly worried by the weight of opinion. Many notable players are part of the team like Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Gianluigi Buffon, etc. Andrea Agnelli is the current chairman of the club.

Maurizio Sarri is offering his services for the club as a manager. The name of the club is also written on the club logo. The DLS logos are usually in PNG format because without the background logo easily fit on the team uniform. 2. Now search your favorite team kit in the search bar. With that, adidas became a household name in the sport, positioning Samba as a footwear favorite for generations of indoor soccer players and style creators to come. Changing the dream league soccer kit is very easy. The 2021/22 home kit jersey pays tribute to the 10th anniversary of the allianz stadium, the iconic venue where the talent of the . Home economics is no different. Unfortunately for Juventus, juventus new kit Ronaldo did not find the net on Sunday as his side suffered a shock 1-0 home defeat by relegation- threatened Benevento. A deal that on Sunday Wenger thought might be done in the next 48 hours, is now being dragged out by the complication of Mkhitaryan’s proposed move to Arsenal. When Jose Mourinho upped the offer he was so annoyed at being gazumped he took his ball home.

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