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Well, the league table suggests United are inferior to City right now – as did the performance when they met at Old Trafford – but United do have a lot of forward options, so Sanchez will need to be at his best to earn selection. Now it looks like you’re a respected agent, sign up some professional footballers, next you know you own a private jet, which you’ll need to transport all your money to that Cayman Island account you opened as you set out on your venture. Paying the agent does not mean there is less money for Stiles, or that United could do any more about the poor man’s illnesses. At the least, the existence of documents that purport to show that Ronaldo paid hush money to a rape victim add more to the story than the usual differing versions of events from the alleged victim and would-be assailant.

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Most of the poorly trained stewards could not even direct fans to the right entrance. Mounting fury over plans by football’s ‘Big Six’ to create a new European Super League grew even further last night, with Prince William warning the proposals could ‘damage the game we love’ and Boris Johnson vowing to show them ‘the straight red card’. Juventus 2021/22 kits for Dream League Soccer 2019 (DLS 19), and the package includes complete with home kits, away and third. All the available and required kits with the URLs including the Home Kits, Away, and Third Kits are here. I might be thick here but I can’t work out whether this is an ironic piece mocking agents ruthlessly exploiting players and clubs for their own financial gain, or a genuine piece regarding the value of agents. Yet at the same time a great many people work for successful companies and we don’t believe those businesses have a duty of care once the employee retires – because the people involved are not famous, and didn’t goofily dance around Wembley with the World Cup in hand. The statistics say that people love to play with it.

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